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We are gearing up for the 2010 Scuba High Adventure in Key Largo.   Our last trip included Divers, Non-Divers, Snorkelers, and Family, and we all had a fabulous time.   We will be repeating a similar format to the last trip, and hopefully able to refine the costs and activities.
When: June 11th – June 19th-20th (Depending on when we leave to come home)
Estimated Costs:  Scuba Diver $1000, Snorkeling $750, Boat Bunnies (Hanging out on boat) $550.   The actual final costs are expected to be lower than the estimates, which we will handle by providing a check back after the final costs are handled.  Costs do not include (Snorkel, Mask, Fin, Dive Boots)
Who’s Allowed to Go:  The trip is open to any PADI Certified Scout (2nd Year and Above: FIRST CLASS and ABOVE) or Crew Member.  Those scouts that are not PADI Certified can still participate as Snorkelers.   We also allow Registered Parents and we have worked with whole Families that have overlapped their vacations (Requires prior approval.)
Expected Activities:
2 Dives a Day for 5 days, alternating between morning and afternoon.
Kayaking trips into the Mango Groves are available and have to worked in.
A trip to Key West.
Car Caravan down, with an overnight around Cordell Georgia (We’re looking for church to stay at.)
Fishing, Jet Ski’s, etc are Extra but there is time and something for everyone.
You need to email John Reynolds (with parents approval), so that we may start on the initial head counts and so that we can start planning the accommodations.
I need to know:  Who’s going (adults included), whether your available to drive (vans),  and what you plan to do (Snorkel, Dive, Bunny)