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Nature of Leadership
The Venturing Leadership Skills Course is the first step a Venturer encounters on his or her journey toward leadership development. This course is designed to be used by Advisors to teach leadership skills to all Venturers in the crew. It has nine leadership modules that begin with an activity and follow with a reflection. Completion of this course is a requirement for the Venturing Silver Award, and conducting the course is a requirement for the Venturing Advisor Award of Merit.

The Kodiak course combines the elements of leadership and service to others as the two key tenets of Venturing. Servant leadership is a philosophy that teaches the leader to work with and through a team to accomplish the mission.

Kodiak's methods are the following: Challenging outdoor treks to use nature as a classroom (no indoor sessions). Five leadership skills, called "commissions," are taught. They can be offered over a week, or over two weekends. It uses a hands-on teaching approach with very short presentations.

Kodiak X
Kodiak X is the final step in Venturing's Nature of Leadership series, which began with learning introductory leadership skills in the Venturing Leadership Skills Course, followed by Kodiak, a much more in-depth leadership course done in conjunction with a trek or trip. Kodiak X is a weekend leadership challenge course designed to test a Venturer's leaderships skills learned in Kodiak. It is a fun and funky weekend!